✅ [Android/iOS] Chat isn’t letting me get to my message [NOT BUG]

I sent a chat message last night and this morning and I received a reply earlier which I accessed by tapping on the notification.

It took me to an empty screen with just a text box. I couldn’t see the chat history, I can’t access the current message or any others.


I replied in the hope that it would refresh but nothing happened. Have restarted phone and app, nothing.
Details to reproduce:
iOS 12.1 Beta
Apple iPhone X
App Version:
Latest TestFlight build.

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To help if you’re struggling getting hold of support due to this apparent bug you can use help@monzo.com from your registered email.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Looks like you’re on the new chat platform. As @Jackcrwhitney says emailing help@monzo.com provides the same support as in app chat so go down that route if the new chat is playing up.


Hey @chrisdeeming,
you are indeed in our new support product, we’re calling it Monzo Chat :wink:

We have many great plans for it ahead to make the support experience even better for all our customers, but now it’s still early stages. We can’t keep the chat history from one system to the other, and this is why it seems your previous conversation is gone. I’m sorry for this and for the confusion it created :slightly_frowning_face:

You can keep on chatting through the app directly with our team, this will not change our ability to help you and solve your problems, so nothing to worry there. If you would like to access your chat history and have it on your side though, we can provide you this and send you as a document, just ask for it through the chat and we’ll be on it!


It’s not so much that I need any history, it’s more so that I was in the middle of a chat and I got an email notification of a reply and then when I went into the app, their reply was not there. But mostly I think the lack of communication about this change is the biggest issue.

Maybe that’s my fault, maybe I missed it in the app or in the TestFlight changelogs or a blog post or something?

To switch over from one system to another in the space of a few hours without any prior warning as to what the impact of the change is (such a losing all chat history, even existing support queries) clearly (as demonstrated by my post) causes confusion.


You’re not at fault here. The changeover hasn’t been announced anywhere other than in some comments on this forum I think.

I’ve also been switched to the new wotsit and didn’t get any notification. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of a conversation like you.


Totally understand how that’s an issue it seems it was just bad timing. Maybe a message coming up when opening the new chat for the first time would help. Just explaining that previous chats won’t appear would help?

It 100% should be communicated to people asking for support.


I had something similar today, started a chat in iOS, but then couldn’t find it, thought I had made a mistake, so tried again on Android, then I seemed to have two different sessions but couldn’t see both on either phone, or the initial message in my iPhone.

Spot on, you are 100% right!

We’ve only been changing from one system to the other customers that did not get in touch with us to avoid exactly that confusion. It appears we made a mistake in the latest update (20.000 new customers have joined the new Monzo Chat along with you :blush:) which caused people that we in the middle of a conversation to change systems. We are investigating why did this happen and making sure we learn from it so that we avoid this in the future.

Please keep sending us any feedback you might have, it really helps us!



@francisco_araujo So you’re not notifying people who are on the old system when you move them to the new? Wish I’d known about this so I could have screenshot my conversation with @hugo from 2.5 years ago for posterity :slightly_frowning_face:

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I think you can request an extract of your chats from the old platform.