Anyone using a combination of Monzo personal and Starling business?

My foray into more modern banking was prompted by wanting to change my business bank account (goodbye HSBC, you are clunky and annoying…) and I ended up choosing Starling (in the absence of a Monzo option)

At the smae time (a couple of days ago) I opened personal accounts with both Starling and Monzo, and because I thoguht there would be a benefit in having both my main accounts in one place, kicked off the CASS from my old personal Nationwide account to Starling personal.

In those intervening couple of days, I find I prefer using Monzo - the app is just “nicer” to use and has a couple of features I slightly prefer over the Starling option.

So I kind of regret kicking off the CASS to Starling and am considering immediately bouncing it to Monzo once it completes.

Anyway it got me thinking - ARE there any benefits in having both (personal and business) in one place that I’m overlooking?

I’ve registered my interest in the Monzo business option but from what I’ve read on these forums that could be a long way off, and I need to get off of HSBC, so for now will have to stick with the S folk.

Thanks for any thoughts or insights


My wife has Starling Personal and Business, the only benefit is the toggle account button which makes it easy switch between. :man_shrugging:

I’ve got Starling Personal too but that’s only really used as short term Savings Goals and linked to Marcus. It’s useful in paying in cash at post offices without cost or ridiculous limits like Monzo.

I find Monzo a nicer interface, has budgeting which is why I use it for my monthly spend.

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Can you pay in cheques at the Post Office with Starling now?

Sorry no, that’s me confusing NatWest cash deposits which you can, I also have a NatWest for that and DD rewards. Edited above.

Starlings cheque processing is still send it to them. I think Monzo is further down the line with cheque imaging.

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I opened a Starling Business account the other day since Monzo isn’t ready. I have a Metro account as well and wanted to get my balance down given all the fundraising that is going on over there.

The starling account opening process was straight forward and the Xero integration is really smooth. Only done account transfers so far, but will be making first payments from account today.

Monzo may have missed the boat with me here, but this is a secondary account anyway - although with their fee structure maybe that will change (Metro is free for me anyway as I have a low number of transactions)

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