Is Monzo your only account

It’s my only Current Account. I have a Halifax Credit card. And that’s it. :man_shrugging:

I don’t get the point of using it just as a spending card. Just seems to complicate things but each to their own!


Yeah except from my credit cards of course

Yes. Monzo is my main and only current account. The rest are credit cards.

For all intents and purposes - Monzo is my main current account.

I do have a student current account with Santander, but that’s only due to the free overdraft they offer me as a safety net. I’ve never needed it, but I might, and so that’s why it’s there. Part of that account is I need money paid into it 3 times a year (Student Loan), so that goes to my santander, but then I transfer it to a Monzo saving pot later that month. Everything else, including my bills, rent, and monthly wages go through Monzo.

(I have an aqua credit card but thats just to build credit)

there’s a saying never have all your eggs in one basket

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If you’re happy with the basket and your eggs are safe then why have multiple baskets?

It’s not my only account, but it’s my only active account.


I have, erm, a few.

Monzo is the only one I actively use.

Others have come in useful for cash deposits, cheque imaging and bundled amounts, but almost all of my day to day banking is via Monzo.

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Have quite a few accounts. Monzo is my main one for now

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Out of interest, I’m curious to know how people are defining what constitutes their account being an active one. I have many bank accounts, and in some form or another, most are used or accessed regularly enough to the point that the respective bank would consider me an active user.

With N26 gone, I’m back in my experimenting phase until find the bank account that works best for me, so I’m using one account for my day to day spending and a traditional account for my income and bills, but I consider only my day to day spending account to be my only “active” account.

While Monzo is not my active account, Monzo probably consider me an active customer. I mostly use them for sending money to friends and family, because I like the payment links. If/when regain Apple Pay support, I’ll likely go back to using them for receiving payments too.

For me, an active account is one that has any activity at all. I’ve not put any money in, or taken any out (it’s empty) of my FD account for years.

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In case you are wrong

as of Tuesday next week I won’t have a high street bank, not sure if I’ll open another or not


Now that is a difficult one.
Like you, I am still experimenting, so many of the accounts would be considered “active” even though some of them see much more activity than others.
For example, my Starling account probably has the largest balance, but is only used for travel (paying for holidays and holiday spending money) but with the current situation, is not being used at all at the moment.
Monzo being used to bounce money backwards and forwards to meet pay in requirements of other accounts, so plenty of “activity” but no spending, saving, etc.
Nationwide: salary in, bills out, all other money transferred into spending and savings accounts, so plenty of activity, but only the bare minimum balance to keep it going.
Many of the other accounts used for savings, holding foreign currency, etc.
Others opened purely for the sign up bonuses, and will be closed once they have a zero balance.
Finally I have a couple which I don’t use at all, but currently am keeping in anticipation of their offerings improving.



I have various holdings. Monzo is my spending money.

I am Barclays staff and i use both my Barclays account and Monzo equally! Love them both!

In the event that one basket (Mastercard) has problems, while the other basket (VISA) is unaffected (and vice versa).


Monzo - Main account for income and direct debits.

Monzo Joint Account - household bills with partner.

Starling - Paying cash in & cheque scanning.

Revolut - Foreign currency accounts.

Marcus - Savings


Yes, I was a bit dubious at first but I’ve closed my Natwest, the only account that remains in a Natwest savings account with nothing in & I also have a credit union for savings that get taken direct out of my wage so I don’t notice it.
So far I’ve been 100% Monzo for a full month & so far I would never go back. Even on Friday I had a payment taken out of my account fraudulently but it didn’t go through as most of my money is organised into pots bar a buffer of £50 in my main account so it got declined. I froze my card immediately, contacted them on chat which was instant & a new card is being sent out next week… I would never have known or been able to sort it that easy with Natwest… May have been days! Luckily because I was notified immediately I went onto the website I was hacked from & changed my password & screen shotted the person’s details before they had chance to remove them & forward them onto Monzo to send to their fraud team… Long winded story but that is why I love monzo so far… Plus many other things like pots! :blush:


Monzo is my main account but I’ve a joint account (and by extension, personal account) with starting. All my stuff goes through Monzo and the house stuff via the joint account.

I’ve also a nationwide account to get the 5% interest for a year too.