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I’m still happily using a legacy account for my main finances but I’m very much interested in new ways of banking.

I’m debating reopening my Monzo account. I been using Starling as a secondary account for many months. I closed down my Monzo account many months ago :scream: as I was thinking legacy bank + Starling was working fine and it does.

But many months later I still find myself missing Monzo. On paper Starling is good and does what I want. But something about Monzo, the community, the culture or heart that I just don’t get from Starling. I can’t explain it. Logically my current setup works fine. But there been a few discussions on here of heart vs head in relation to Starling vs Monzo.

This is just me writing out loud. Anyone else reopened their account? Has a lot changed since end of last year? I don’t won’t to turn this thread into a Monzo vs Starling thing at all. But I’m just thinking out loud if should re enter the world of Monzo. :grinning: I’m just not sure. I don’t dislike Starling at all and I’m not planning to switch from my main current account anytime soon. Just a few thoughts out loud. :smile:


Excellent. That’s easy then if I decide to do it. :blush:

You’re welcome back any time Tim! If there are any more specific questions i can answer to help you make your decision, just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of what’s changed, I’d say we’re back to getting some real traction when it comes to releasing new features and improvements more regularly.

The monthly updates are definitely worth a look for a quick recap of what we’ve been upto this year.


That monthly update link is spot on. When I left a few months ago it seemed like updates were sparse because of the prepaid card. But since then I can see you have definitely speeded up the development pace. Also I really like the transparency of where things are going. I definitely missed that.

I’m assuming things like Apple Pay and joint / shared accounts are sometime in the future still? :grinning:

I can see shared pots are being worked on this will be something that is appealing.


Apple Pay is still a work in progress, but the hints are looking good for soon (soon isn’t defined)

Joint accounts might be end of this year, first half of next? Tom tweeted about it yesterday but nothing set in stone


Where does Monzo stand on abroad transactions now? Some services I use e.g. web hosting are from abroad. Does Monzo charge a fee for these transactions?

No. Cash withdrawals above £200 per 30 days attract a fee, but that’s it

edit: Details here:


Can’t do international bank transfers though


Thanks both for super quick response.

On a side note: Monzo community is super duper highly active compared to Starling. I’m really enjoying the help. :blush:


Not only can you not send any SWIFT or SEPA payments, you can’t receive them either.

Well The Monzo Twitter team have forwarded my request to relevant people to see if they can reopen my account. So just waiting now. :smiley:

If any Monzo staff on the forum wants to pick this up let me know. :wink:

But assuming it gets reopen looking forward to testing Monzo again. :grinning:


Without intending to make this another boring Monzo vs starling thread - I thought it should be mentioned that Starling make it crystal clear you are not welcome back if you close an account with them and that in itself is an illustration of why one brand’s approach gains a place in people’s hearts and the other doesn’t (well, the other does for some but not the majority).

I think they told me I can’t come back within 4 years or something, almost a threat to sit back down, and they asked for all manner of ID proofs and documents that made me not be bothered to close the account and I left it dormant for almost a year.

I just CASS’d it shut via Monzo last week :blush:


Yeah well I’m not planning to shut Starling yet. I like to see where both banks go. Starling or Monzo are not viable options for me to switch fully yet. But the idea of you not allowed to come back is an interesting policy. Obviously they can do what they want. But it gives a feeling of if you leave us we don’t want you back.

But this could open a massive debate on here. We don’t need yet another Monzo v starling debate. Choose what you like. :grinning: both can “win”.


@tim7 my account has now been reopened and I have requested a new card.


Excellent. I’m waiting for Monzo to get back to me to reopen account. Looking forward to trying them again.

Well my account now reopened. Good to be back. Looking forward to testing more. :grinning:


Not that I’m aware of. Straightforward.

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