Is Monzo really Bust? [Spoiler: No]

Does anyone know if Monzo is bust.
My Monzo Card does not work at major retailers here in the UK.
I have tried contacting Monzo. I phoned and was held for 20 minutes - then cut off.
They have no way of being contacted!!
Is Monzo bust? I read that they were in financial trouble…
If you are a monzo employee - please let me know why there is no customer service.

It isn’t.

They do. Follow the instructions in my bio.

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I cannot find any bio - where is the chat function on the app?

His bio is right next to his avatar and nom de plume. R-

Nom de clavier perhaps. :thinking:


What an odd conclusion to jump to. Did you Google anything?


Je n’ai pas compris - bio
I just need to know if they have any customer support on the app, does not seem to exist.
Why do they not answer the phone. Why would you leave a customer on the phone for more than 29 mins then just cut them off.
The card does not work - and the girl in the store told me that her monzo card does not work either. Seems to me that perhaps they might have run out of funds - to pay for any customer support.

Search for ‘contact support’ in the help section

Just used my Monzo card so they haven’t suddenly gone bust over night


Because it’s not for customers. They’re supposed to message in app and that’s where they “spend all their money”.

I’m only guessing, but because they don’t have enough staff.

Go to the help section. Search contact.

No idea what you’re going to ask though. “Have you gone bust?” seems like a waste of everyone’s time.

I’m intrigued: who or what is the phone line for then?


Do you get a notification that the retailer has tried to take payment? Any notification in the app at all?

I want to find out why the card is now being rejected in shops - simples!!

Do you have money in your account? Have you reached any of your limits?

The way to find out is to contact Monzo. The way to do that is to do this

Ok - found the chat now, when searching for contacts.

Why no direct link in the app?
Yes there is money in the account!!!

To try to make people self help and look at the articles.

Instead they just join here and post jibberish until redirected on how to find chat.


Thanks rat au van - !!

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They seem to prefer people to come here to rant at other customers first, for some reason.