Is it possible to turn a Personal Account savings pot into a Joint Account savings pot?

I opened a Personal savings pot a couple of months ago and, now that my wife and I have successfully set up our Joint Account, I wondered if there was a way of just converting the “Personal Savings” pot I have into a “Joint Savings” pot?

Or, is it easier for me to withdraw everything from the Personal Savings pot and just start a new, joint one?
I’d like to avoid this if possible as I managed to get a better interest rate than currently available!

You can’t change pot types unfortunately.

  • You will have to withdraw all the money
  • Delete the pot
  • Re-create it in your joint account
  • Transfer the money over
  • Add it into the new pot
  • Have a lie down

Haha! Wow that was a quick response …
I’ll do this :slight_smile:

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Haha no worries - it’s a pain!

You can vote for changing pot types here:

Or pot to pot transfers might also help reduce the number of steps

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And this one :wink: