Transfer Money into Joint Account Pots directly from Personal Account

A nice feature to have to save time would be the ability to transfer money to Joint Account Pots directly from your Personal account balance, rather than only the Joint Account balance. For example my monthly Bills are paid from a pot in my joint account, which I add my share of the money to by first adding to the Joint account balance and then to the “Bills” pot. It would be useful to be able to skip the step of having to transfer the money to the Joint Account balance first before adding to a pot.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to select the source and then the destination, whether that’s a pot or account.


Yeah, this and similar things have been requested since time immemorial. It would be good to be able to transfer between any account / pot A and B. Alas, it’s never been implemented. The weird thing is that you can do this with lots of legacy banks. I think that the problem might be that the pots are basically fake, and in fact are part of the original account, as I think I remember some staff member saying once. And if pots were to be real accounts then they’d have to do a bunch more regulaton or something. But I am only vaguely remembering all of that.

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Except for overdraft purposes, of course.

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