Fixed savings pot to regular pot or easy access pot

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I’m about to come to the end of a fixed savings period and the pot has been closed and the money put back into the current account. Whilst I get this, it would be awesome if there was an option to covert the pot where the fixed savings were into an easy access pot or regular pot at the end of the term. In its current format, my fixed savings pot has already been deleted along with the image I chose, the name, the goal (and if I was on Android, the history). I don’t plan to spend the money that was in the fixed pot immediately so I’ve had to create another one to hold it for the moment.

I’m sure its pretty complicated - I’m no developer - but I’d love Monzo to think about this type of customer UX to enhance the pots section and make it super easy and slick to convert one pot to another at the press of a button :crossed_fingers:

Atom do this quite well, you’d be surprised because their app is about as bad as it gets.

Basically 4 week’s out you get a heads up that your savings account is going to close and they’ll be in touch shortly to gather instruction.

Around 2 weeks out to closure you get another message and can head into the app and either switch to a new plan, or enter your account details for then to close it up and send it in its way on expiry.

So simple but works a treat

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Wow I’m amazed, as you say their app is terrible. If they can do it surely Monzo can!

This is a great idea!

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Thanks I think so too. In fact, I missed the opportunity to say convert pot to another fixed if you wanted to