Ability to change pot types and keep history

I think it would be great to be able to change the pot type from regular to savings and potentially back again (if balance fell below min savings value) without having to create a new one and transfer the money.

The benefit for me would be that I would keep my history on the pot which I find useful.


This is a part of the compromise I’d like to see adopted if we can’t have interest all the way down to £0 pot balance.

The alternative would be to have many pots to one savings account to maintain the balance but, even then, this would be a useful management mechanism in my view.

I’d really like this, would make the experience a lot slicker.

You could select the pot you wish to change, then tap on the pot type segment which would give you the same options as when you want to create a pot.
The only difference would be that the any options you do not qualify for are greyed out, e.g. if the pot balance isn’t high enough or if you’ve already opened a cash ISA in the current tax year with Monzo so you can’t do it again.

It could come with a warning that it will take place at some point the next working day if your current pot has that restriction on withdrawals.