Changing pot types after they are set up

Hey folks,

I was wondering if you can turn a regular pot into one of Monzos saving pots without creating a new pot.

For example, I have a regular pot with X amount in it. At the moment the money is not being used. So I’m think of turning it into a savings pot to collect a bit of interest. But I don’t seem to be able to change the type of savings pot it is without creating a new pot. Then moving the money into it.

I was just wondering if this is possible. Or is this an idea that could be explored?


Is it really that much work to move the money out and into a savings pot?

No it’s not.

It was just a question/thought, that’s all.


The other downside to this is that you lose your pot history too.

It’s not currently possible and this has been suggested before. You can vote for it here:



Thanks for sending that over @Ordog

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That only works if there is a pot history to be lost! (iOS doesn’t have one)

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Ahhh ok my bad. Don’t want to start the parity flame war again :speak_no_evil:

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