Is it possible for someone to have a one digit different monzo account number

for example one account being [redacted] and the other [redacted] iv put xx as the first two digits for security reasons. but they are the same 2 numbers. what I would like to know is is there any way someone could have a very similar account number. surely all accounts must have 2 digits between them all?



I know someone got some money intended for me from my credit union account as the person mistyped numbers and switched to of the numbers around.
Thankfully in the end it was recovered.
Not sure why they wouldn’t use all numbers available though?

because I would like to know if its possible. could due to mistyping one digit wrong could money have gone into an account with one digit different. is that possible?

Yes. They will use all the numbers. It might be that the account number you mistakenly used is closed or has been moved with the current account switching service so payments get transferred to another bank

There’s no reason not to use all the numbers as anyone could make a mistake with any of the digits

You can copy the number from the app if you are filling in a digital form

I hear you mate. but that’s 2 number wrong way round. I wanna know if someone could have Littrally one digit different to mine. isn’t their some form of security feature involved in the creation of the account numbers. how can it be one digit different

Ok so thinking logically for a second

Pretend your account number is 12345678

You want 12345677 and 12345679 not to exist because they are only 1 away.

What happens if you make a mistake elsewhere and mix them up?

So 12435678 or 12346578 etc etc

It’s impossible to block out numbers to stop errors as you’d have very, very few left


so basically you are saying it is possible for someone to have am account with one digit different to mine

Yes it’s theoretically possible but we don’t know what order Monzo give them out or if they are still open if allocated

so basically someone else could have my money due to me misgiving ONE digit incorrect. I have adult earning difficulties. I find all these kinds of things hard

Unfortunately yes.

Since it was the DWP that the error was made with was it an online form you used? Copy and paste will help

On paper forms ask a friend, family member or support worker to check

Hopefully the person will be honest and contact their bank or dwp if there’s a payment they didn’t expect

Better still to hope the account is closed and it will be returned to the DWP

it was an error made via the phone

Does anyone know if the 8 digit bank account number is in fact the ‘full’ account number? :thinking:

I seem to remember the last digit of a 16 digit credit / debit card PAN is a ‘check digit’ which validates the preceding 15 numbers are correct.

I wondered if something similar was in place for bank account numbers and, therefore, if the OP was one digit out, this would result in an incorrect ‘check digit’ and invalid account number, and the payment may therefore bounce back to source.

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Yes it’s possible and happens a lot, that’s why places tel you to double check.

I don’t think it was the last digit the error was in

Man, I got so lucky with my account number, it’s very easy to remember.

I vaguely remember a few years ago, at the start of the current accounts, Monzo stated they didn’t use sequential numbering for account numbers because of the Tesco Bank fiasco. I can remember if it was here on the forums, or at one of their office events. I could have also misunderstood :sweat_smile: .

That being said, after 5 million users the chances of a 1 number difference to an account number is quite high, especially as Monzo only use one sort code.

I can’t find it now but a couple of years ago @Rika explained that they do not use sequential numbers with one digit difference, and I think there are some entire ranges or patterns they do not use too.

Also, I miss @Rika’s posts!


Prove it :eyes:

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Does it say a rudie word if you turn it upside down?