Are account numbers random?

This is probably a coincidence but it has been in the back of my mind every time I open the app so I have to ask. I live in apartment 2401 and my Monzo account number starts with 2401… is this a wild coincidence or are account numbers generated using numbers a customer knows to make the account number more memorable? I presume not because of the security implications but my curiosity must know for sure. Thanks!

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It’s entirely coincidence, nothing more. The human brain is programmed to see pattens in things, which is why when you do notice a coincidence it stands out so much.


Wow. It is weird though. I live at number 6, and there’s definitely a 6 in my account number.


I spent £63.50 today on train ticket and realised available balance was identical amount afterwards. I got spooked. Think you’ve had a similar moment!


My house number isn’t in my account number. Most upset.


My balance was £567.81 recently, which is nearly £567.89.


Random. Though I did get 77777778 as an account number once. (That might not actually be it, but it was 7 repeated digits then a different digit).

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Probably a coincidence, my account number has nothing meaningful in it

Not an account number but I got a pretty decent phone number randomly and have kept it for 15 years :slight_smile:

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I loved my Santander account number. So easy to remember.

Interestingly, I was issued an account number at the very first Monzo public current account evening, which was a random set of digits.

A month or so later I received an in–app message telling me that I needed a new account number for some rare technical reason. I think only a handful of us were affected.

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Random although there is a modulus check so not every number will work against every sort code


I’d always wondered about this, because my Monzo account number is the first four digits of my mobile number + 999.

For a new bank who hasn’t burned through their number space yet, it’d be a small but helpful touch to generate memorable numbers.

Many, many years ago Carphone Warehouse had an option to choose your own number so that’s how I ended up with mine. Won’t give you the area code (even though that’s also repetitive numbers) but I ended up with 65 45 45.

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You can still do that in some places but they want cash money for it :money_with_wings:

I think I paid for mine too. I seem to remember they had bronze/silver/gold options at various prices and combinations of easy to remember numbers.

There are plenty of memorable ones on Ebay that you can buy relatively cheap too, if that’s your thing :slight_smile:

Edit: Just had a look and wow… some of those are really pricey :open_mouth:


I would never give that account up.

I think it would be neat if I was able to pick a new account number from a list for the purposes of an visually pleasing one.

My Monzo account has 3 9’s in it (9_9_9_) makes it super easy to remember. I would love it more if every 2nd digit was a 9 though.

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I like that it’s frequently bought with Whole Smoked Kippers :joy::joy:



I used to work for a telco and I’d sell mobile numbers all the time.

I sold one 111111 for £10k once, slipped through on a PAYG sim so i took it.

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