iPhone XS (Leaked)

Here you have it folks!

What do you think?

Apparently both sizes with an OLED screen will be called the XS… I’m wondering what the rumoured third model with the LCD screen will be called.


I’m definitely looking to get one, will need to see prices and spec first. I wished Apple would do away with the naming convention for iPhones it’s getting silly

The iPhone extra small? What an unfortunate name if true.

If it’s not sub £800 I wont even consider buying it

If the price points are right I’ll be considering a new iPhone this year


I read it as ‘excess’ as in excessive and big.

Looks kind of like the original iPhones with the silver curved edges.


XS as in Extra Small? :joy:

I think that would be a peculiar name for the iPhone :see_no_evil:


Which will be the headline I’m sure.

Apple continue to make excessive profits with the new iPhone XS’ … etc.

I’ll be getting the big new one because i cannot control my impulse purchases when an  is involved.


I have the iPhone X, I’m not that impressed. I don’t think it’s worth the 1k price tag. As soon as I can I might look to move down to an iPhone 8. I may… may even possibly… consider (whispers) android devices. :scream:

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Dear Tim

Enough with the tacky gold. One bondi blue iPhone please.


(and lets hope he’s stopped smoking crack with the pricing too).

I love the gold and their metallics so I Googled Bondi blue expecting it to be a colour from the gods or something. I was disappointed

I’m not overly fussy - any of the iMac colours will do!

(Excluding the 5c apple has used colour like Jonny Ive uses personality in his product intro videos. The man can design but sounds as interesting as a siri prototype).