iPhone XR 2 - Bump to two back cameras, lavender and green colour options

(Simon B) #1

I’m genuinely very impressed with the XR. I think for most people who want an iPhone, it’s the one to get. Will be interested to see how the range continues.

(Matthew Hillman) #2

Waiting on the iPhone XI Max myself and the Apple Watch 5. I’d prefer it if the cameras were all in a row down the side like most other phones (P30 pro).

I’d hate to think of the desk wobble with this square bump.

(Sacha Zarb) #3

I have a Product Red iPhone XR, and it’s the best iPhone for the money, the compromises aren’t huge, and I don’t even notice them. I went from an iPhone x to the XR, and didn’t notice the screen or having the missing camera.

Hopefully they retain the Red, otherwise I’ll have to have a think about the colour

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I didn’t upgrade last year (for the first time ever I think!) so I am extra excited for this years release. Hopefully an XI Max or similar will be available. I wish Rose Gold could come back (spoiler: it won’t).

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #5

I wonder if Apple have a view of how many people put a case on their phones thus negating the desk wobble. I know I do… (and it can’t JUST be me, right?)

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(Nathan) #6

To me its just too risky to not have a case.

As aesthetically pleasing as it would be to not use a case I just cant justify playing with fire like that

(Matthew Hillman) #7

Probably can’t find many people who have a naked phone these days (although I do)

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #8

:scream: NAKED!!