iPhone XR 2 - Bump to two back cameras, lavender and green colour options

I’m genuinely very impressed with the XR. I think for most people who want an iPhone, it’s the one to get. Will be interested to see how the range continues.

Waiting on the iPhone XI Max myself and the Apple Watch 5. I’d prefer it if the cameras were all in a row down the side like most other phones (P30 pro).

I’d hate to think of the desk wobble with this square bump.

I have a Product Red iPhone XR, and it’s the best iPhone for the money, the compromises aren’t huge, and I don’t even notice them. I went from an iPhone x to the XR, and didn’t notice the screen or having the missing camera.

Hopefully they retain the Red, otherwise I’ll have to have a think about the colour

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I didn’t upgrade last year (for the first time ever I think!) so I am extra excited for this years release. Hopefully an XI Max or similar will be available. I wish Rose Gold could come back (spoiler: it won’t).

I wonder if Apple have a view of how many people put a case on their phones thus negating the desk wobble. I know I do… (and it can’t JUST be me, right?)

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To me its just too risky to not have a case.

As aesthetically pleasing as it would be to not use a case I just cant justify playing with fire like that

Probably can’t find many people who have a naked phone these days (although I do)

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:scream: NAKED!!