iPhone X Bug

Hi when I have the Monzo app known on my iPhone X and my screen locks I have problems unlocking my phone. After Face ID verifies me and unlocks I go to swipe up and it just falls back down again. It doesn’t appear to like opening into the Monzo app. The last time I did it. It crashed the app and I had to log out and log back in again using the email app unlock thing


no problem here, but I don’t have the biometric to open Monzo switched on

I let the phone lock with Monzo open and it unlocked perfectly when I tried

I’ve encounter this bug twice. They don’t care. The try again button just disappears.

Exact same thing has happened to me a couple of times, only when screen has locked with Monzo open. Phone tries to Face ID to unlock and then again to unlock Monzo and somewhere it fails and it doesn’t let me unlock the phone at all, have to restart.

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This happens to me a lot; pretty much any time I lock my phone while Monzo is open. There seems to be a conflict between Face ID trying to unlock my iPhone and Face ID trying to unlock my Monzo app, because Monzo is open behind the lock screen.

It’d be great if Monzo can fix it.

I can usually unlock my phone eventually after retrying several times (maybe I’m doing something in particular that works around the problem), so I don’t have to restart the phone. But it’s certainly frustrating.

I don’t just have this issue with Monzo. I also have it with the Yorkshire Bank app.

There is a workaround to this bug, it is…

get an Android :wink:

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Nah. FaceID is worth it. Only time I can’t use it is when I’m just waking up and I don’t open my eyes fully so it won’t unlock until I let the back of my eye burn with that IR radiation :slight_smile:

And when it’s lying on a flat surface. That’s annoying too. Wish they had a solution for that.