Monzo app wont open

I have a problem opening my monzo app. It wont open.
I think the reason is because my phone keeps asking me to sign into my APPLE ID account which has been locked and I cant unlock it as i dont have my trusted contact numbber. Is there any other way MONZO can help me with this problem so I can access my bank account.
I have tried the following
-turning off phone
-deleting app and re installing

  • calling apple to unlock my phone which they are unable to do cause I need my trusted contact number which I don’t have as it was the original sim my phone had when i bought it years ago in NZ
    None of above have helped the problem.

All my other apps work e.g. westpac NZ, instagram, snapchat gmail. MONZO Will not.

Hi welcome to the forum,

Step through the issue for us?

Your phone is currently locked and you can’t unlock it? Is that correct?

Presuming you can get passed that, then Monzo doesn’t have any connection with your Apple ID so that won’t be the issue here.

Yes, thats why I thought it was strange as all my other apps open e.g. instagram, gmail… Monzo is the only app on my phone that wont open and im wondering if its some bug? I assumed it might have to do with my phones update which Im unable to do as my apple ID is locked.

OK, what happens when you try and open Monzo?

When I click on the mozno app it loads for about 20-30 seconds with the blue background and MONZO symbol, then it suddenly closes and I am taken back to my home screen.

Hmm. You’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app already. Are you on an old iPhone? Is the iOS version up to date?

It MAY be down to the Apple ID issue - are you signed on on your phone in the Settings? I’m wondering if the install of Monzo is stalled somehow, and as you need your Apple ID to connect to the App Store, you’ll need to sort that first (and then I’d still uninstall reinstall just to be sure).

I’d focus on the Apple ID issue first, you won’t be the first person to change SIM and so no longer have the same phone number (although my Apple ID requires my email and a password to log in?).

If you have urgent Monzo issues, phone them - number is on the back of the card.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Yes I have. I am with an Iphone 8.I need to update my apple ID settings so this may be the problem as my phone is locked. If I call monzo will they be able to help or do I need to contact apple as there is noway i can unlcok it… I will have to delete my apple ID and restart.

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I’d start with Apple and get that solved first.

Although I don’t understand how your phone is locked yet you can open other apps?!

I know the whole thing is soo frustrating.

I also have this problem.
I have contacted apple support and there is nothing they can do

They have asked for me to contact the app developer

this is frustrating because i need to access money from my money pot and cant do it - its not like i can walk into a bank and request it

I’m lost and out of options

  • Email Monzo
  • Borrow a phone and install your email and Monzo apps on there; you can always uninstall afterwards

Unfortunately Monzo can’t help you with issues relating to your Apple ID account nore can they get you access to your ‘trusted contact number’ as that too is with Apple.

I’m reminded of when I ‘lost’ a Gmail account because I forgot the password, the secondary address went to an account that had been with a service that had closed down, and I couldn’t prove to Google’s satisfaction that it was my account.

(This was before Google would pop up “Is x still your recovery address/phone number?” messages every so often to check.)

Are you guys restoring the monzo app from an iCloud backup?

Try a clean install.

mica3la and amanda101, I’m so sorry that your app is doing this. We’re looking into this bug - where the app hangs on the blue background and then crashes - and working to find a fix.

Please do get in touch with, and DM me your email so I can flag someone to take a look at your case.

Do mention in your message anything that you think might be relevant - like your Apple ID being locked.


Hi I’m trying to open my account on my phone but it doesn’t let me

You’ll need to give more detail than that I’m afraid. Otherwise the post directly above yours gives instructions on how you can get help from Monzo.