iOS randomly asking to unlock Monzo w/ Touch ID


I keep being randomly asked to unlock Monzo using Touch ID. When I say randomly, this has been when I’ve been in a different App, been in my emails, and when on a random website reading something in Safari.

This hasn’t happened previously, but happened about 3 times in the space of half an hour this morning. And it’s quite disconcerting when browsing a website, and a financial app asking for authorisation for something.

I even closed down the Monzo app from the background, to see if that would stop. But again, I was asked to unlock the Monzo app about 2 mins later.



I am not finding that problem with the Android app.

If you are also on the Monzo Slack developer channels you could post this there as well

(Matthew Arnold) #3

I’ve been having this problem lately too - doesn’t seem specific to what app I’m in either, as it happened two times today. Once while was in Snapchat, and once whilst in Google Music.

(James) #4

I’ve had this problem recently, but instead of the Monzo app asking me, it was the Day One journal app, so wonder if it’s a problem within iOS itself rather than the Monzo app specifically?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #5

This suddenly started happening on my iPhone 6. Has anyone looked into it?