App crashes upon opening

(Damien) #1

My Monzo app is crashing as soon as it opens. I can’t check transactions, cash or get to support. This is the Current Account app.

Never mind, fixed by uninstalling app, force restarting, then reinstalling. Weird…

(Damien) #2

It’s just done this again.

iPhone X
App opens and immediately terminates.
Force quitting the App doesn’t fix it.
Hard restart of the phone doesn’t fix it.
Only uninstalling the app, hard restart the phone and reinstalling from TestFlight seems to do it.

Both times it’s happened I have had pending notifications.

Anyone else seen this?

(Colin Robinson) #3

Not yet but I only got my X yesterday - think I’ll hold off on moving it from my old phone :slight_smile:

Ah, the joys of beta testing :thinking:

(Mickey Day) #4

Hi @Damien, sorry you’re having this issue :disappointed:

Can you drop an email to us at and we can help you get this sorted for you :smiley:

(Matt) #5

I had the same problem. Have you used a backup from your previous phone?

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the fingerprint ID…

(Ara) #6

Same issue here with the current account app on iPhone X.

It was as soon as a i got a spend notification and I tried to open it from the home screen.

(Ara) #7

I used my iCloud backup which is from a 6S - however, the current account app doesn’t support Touch ID/Face ID

(Matt) #8

I don’t think that’s quite true Arat!

Face ID works for me. If you go in and turn on Touch ID again it actually uses face ID! They need to update the App to rename those options for the iphone x

hope that helps!

(Ara) #9

My mistake - didn’t notice the option.

Will turn it on when I can get back into the app.

iPhone app continuously crashes