Notches..... Embrace or hide?

Seeing as there has been a lot of talk around the new Pixel XL and new iPhones recently, I wondered what the general consensus was around “notches”.

I’ve had an iPhone X for a year, and to be honest, I don’t even notice it - The only time I find it frustrating is when watching any video on my iPhone, but that’s pretty rare to be honest.

I see a lot of the Android phones with a notch, have the ability to “remove” it, by “blacking out” the rest of the space at the top, creating a “forehead” as they call it.

The Pixel 3 XL also has this ability, although Google hide it deep in the developer settings, and haven’t openly come out and advertised it (which makes you think they are embracing the notch).

So what do you do? For Android peeps, are you embracing or hiding?

For iPhone users… Would you “hide” the notch if you could?


I love my notch :iphone:


Got used to it now with my :iphone: X


S8 doesn’t have it, and I’m not much of a fan of them.

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I literally don’t even notice it, I think good UI within the operating system should make it “disappear” which I think the iPhone does well.

I really don’t like them and would rather a thicker bezel on top at a cost of screen.
That’s why I’m going to skip Pixel 3 XL and wait to see how the 4 looks.

I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone notch. While for most of the time I barely notice it, I’m used to seeing my battery percentage with a glance. Now I need to slide down to see it.

They could have fixed it by doing away with the battery icon and replacing it with the percentage, or by providing the ability to choose which to show.


Had my iPhone XS since it came out. What notch?

I hate the notches, I’m much happier with a thin bezel at the top of my phone than having a little notch in the centre that things have to wrap around.


I don’t even notice the notch so I guess that means I’m embracing it :man_shrugging:

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Can’t say I notice it tbh

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I think it’s fine if the device is using the extra screen space.
what I don’t agree with is where there’s a software option to turn it off, they may as well have not installed the notice at first.

I never notice the notch on my iPhone.

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I never have the percentage on, as it just makes me obsess over battery life, wondering why it’s gone down by 2 % in so many minutes etc. I like the ambiguity of the icon.


I like the style of the notch, but I don’t really notice it much except as mentioned in videos.

I understand the need for them currently if you want the majority of the phone to have the smallest possible bezels but, personally, I really dislike the notch. I’ll be holding onto my Pixel 2 XL for another year in the hope that technology moves on enough that there is no need for it!

Pixel 3 XL will be my first notched phone :see_no_evil::phone:

I don’t think I’ll mind, I think it will annoy me in YouTube / media playback… But that’s only if I do the whole pinch to zoom thing on Android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Notches are easy to pick on but truthfully they have a purpose (most of the time) so I don’t really mind, there’s free screen real-estate to be had so just cram as many pixels in as you can :tada:

I’ve had a play with the Pixel 3 XL at an O2 store nearby and the notch is smaller than I expected :smile: I think I’ll cope :wink: Plus when Pixel 4 is notchless it’ll look so futuristic and I’ll never know how I lived my life with a notch-ey phone :joy::joy::joy:

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I hate them so much they make me feel sick with rage.


I never notice the notch on my iPhone X.

Mind you I remember the jokes and the comments on Android forums when the iPhone X was released about the notch. Now it’s suddenly all fine that Google have done it :joy:


I think for me it’s only acceptable to have the notch if you don’t have the chin. If you have both then you’ve missed the point.


I don’t notice it anymore. Though now I have the XsMax they could have made the font size smaller and fit more in the ‘ears’ rather than making the size fit the space.

The same for a few apps too. The app has enlarged rather than showing more content.