What do you guys think of the iPhone 11 Pro

Just wanted what everyone thoughts are on the new iPhone 11 Pro. To me it looks alright but I wish they made design something different

I’m really not a fan of how the camera modules look on the back of the device :face_vomiting:

Other than that, it’s your standard iPhone X right?


I will be buying it (upgrading from XS Max) but only due to the necessity of a better camera for travelling abroad and the fact I don’t like how big my current phone is. Other than that, I think it’s a bit underwhelming and I’m a little disappointed overall.

Also a shame that it’s £50 more for people in the UK than last year, but there’s not much we can do about that :cry:

Still no 5G support, which is weird.

Probably the right choice on Apple’s part, this year at least. 5G isn’t very widely available anywhere

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I was under the impression that current 5G modems are pretty battery sucking. Maybe need another year to mature. I might be wrong though.

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I’m currently on the XS and will be skipping this year I think. I don’t need a better camera and there is little else of note really? Everything is fast enough.

Apple like always stay behind in the latest tech, all the latest phone are getting 5G