iPad is disabled

Anyone ever seen this message before? It’s my wife’s iPad. She had a notification come up earlier to sign in to iMessage, now this. She’s tried waiting five minutes, but the message keeps returning.

It means that you’re entering the passcode incorrectly.

After the 5 minutes does it allow you to enter the passcode again or does it just stay on “Disabled?”


Ah. Thanks. I don’t know her passcode off hand, but I do know that the passcode input screen is sometimes unresponsive so that numbers get input multiple times accidentally.

I’ll see if that is the issue when she comes back.

And that time will increase if you continue to get it “wrong”

Wrong in inverted commas as it doesn’t sound like you’re doing this.


Has she/you also received notification that someone is trying to sign-in from a location that you don’t recognise?

If so, I’d go to iCloud.com, sign-in and change your password. You may also want to review this

You’ll only receive this if you’re logging into the Apple ID account not the device itself


I’ve seen these with years left before one can try again!


I know

But they also referred to iMessage which infers someone else is trying to log into the wider account

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If it gets to that find, remotely reset it from find my. You’ll get back in with your Apple ID when you go to set it up as new and won’t need to know your old passcode.

I’m not sure if an implication was made that the Apple ID might be compromised. Need more clarity as to the nature of that iMessage notification.

If you’re 100% certain you’re using the right passcode, get onto Apple, because that’s a pretty severe bug. And if you are, just go straight to the remote reset option. If it’s not in find my, you’ll need to plug into a computer and reset it with whatever that utility is called that replaced iTunes.


Yes. I linked the two events because they happened close together. It was a case of correlation, not causation though (thankfully).

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m now fairly certain this was a coincidence. The iMessage icon had an exclamation mark badge, and then required a sign in to use it. I don’t know why, I’ve never seen that before.

The iPad touch screen is a bit iffy, so the most likely explanation is that the passcode wasn’t registering properly.


This typically happens when it isn’t syncing correctly with iCloud. If you go onto the settings into the iPad, click on you, iCloud and apps using it, the iMessage toggle should be on if you’ve now signed into it.

BTW if you don’t have two factor auth turned on, that article above will show you how