Apple TV problem

I have an Apple TV box 2nd gen.

I’ve purchased films and tv shows on iTunes and have watched them on my Apple TV previously.

I haven’t used it in a long time though and had to log in the other day.

Here’s my problem.

It asked for my Apple ID which I provided. It then asked for my password, again provided and then authentication code which popped up on my iPad (6 digit code). When I put this in, it took me back to asking for my Apple ID, password and code all over again…and again, on an infinite loop.

It’s not a case where I’ve put the wrong password or Apple ID because if you do that, it come up with ‘couldn’t log into iTunes’ or something along those lines.

I’ve spoken with Apple but I’m waiting for a reply and just wondered if anyone on here has had anything similar happen to them and how they rectified it?

It’s because you have 2FA on and the currently installed software doesn’t support it.

The fix is:

Try to login, it’ll fail because you didn’t supply 2FA. But Apple will still send a auth code to your other devices.
Try and login again, but for the password, enter your password and immediately after it type the auth code (in the same box).

So if your password is Password123, and the auth code is 583029, enter Password123583029 as your password.

It should let you in fine :+1:

Tried this. Didn’t work :confused:

Have you tried creating an App-Specific password? If you log on to there’s a section in the security section that will allow you to create them…

Thanks, I’ll try this when I get home later.

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