3D Secure Autofill (iOS)

So a really useful feature on iOS is being able to autofill one time passwords/codes that have been messaged to you. This includes SMS codes when using 3D Secure.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed recently that I can’t do this anymore when using Monzo 3D Secure, specifically in the Amex app.

It’s able to work outside of Monzo/Amex though - is anyone else experiencing this and/or knows why this might be the case?


Stopped working for me as well


I’ve noticed this as well in the Amex app, and like you it’s working everywhere else except Amex. I’m on iOS 12.4.1

I’m pretty sure it’s not a Monzo 3DS issue, as it’s an iOS function to identify these codes it in texts. (Of course I could be wrong). As it only happens to me in Amex I would guess maybe it’s an issue with Amex app blocking the auto fill option? I really don’t know though :man_shrugging:.

Hmm, potentially then - was thinking it was 3D Secure related, but I’ll try reaching out to Amex (not that I’ll have much luck)

I have the problem with ASDA groceries :woman_shrugging:

So is that when using 3D Secure for shopping online?

If so, maybe it is a 3D Secure issue?

Yep. I have noticed it on other online transactions as well so I think it’s 3DS

I wonder why it was working before but now isn’t.

I haven’t used 3D secure with anything else lately - just sms codes for logging into stuff etc. I’ll remember next time I have a 3D secure transaction to check.

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Hey all @robboadam @Rat_au_van @monzo2018 :wave:

Thanks so much for reporting this issue - can I ask which version of iOS you are currently on and if you have any third party keyboards installed on your iPhone?

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Hey Kenneth - thanks for reaching out.

I’m on the iOS 13.1 beta, but with no 3rd party keyboards.

Seems it’s affecting iOS 12 as well though.

iOS 12.4.1, no third party keyboards installed

Thanks for confirming both! I’ve raised this with the engineers along with this community thread and see if they can investigate further as to why this could be happening :pray:

If there is any update I’ll be sure to let you all know.


Hey @kennethcajigas , I’m on iOS 12.4.1 - no 3rd party keyboards. Thanks for looking into it :blush:

Just to keep y’all updated on this, the behavior of iOS autofill did subtlety change in a release of iOS 12. We have chosen not to fix iOS autofill on our 3D Secure v1 SMS entry page as we will soon be removing SMS codes as an authentication option along with moving to 3D Secure v2.


What will you be replacing them with? :thinking:

Or will all the credit card apps work properly with it?


I think it’s being replaced with the in-app confirmation instead.

Hey Rika - thanks for the update. Do you have any timeframes for moving across to v2? Or is there any way of deactivating the SMS?

It’s a bit of a frustration having to manually put in the codes when requested, so I wonder whether it’s possible to just do it through in-app?

My 3DS for Monzo is always in-app confirmation for Monzo. When do you get SMS without explicitly asking for it?

Some default to sms. Capital one iirc

Used in app twice. It cancelled my ASDA order and confused capital one. Since then I always chose the sms option

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Has always been default for me when paying off my Amex