iPad app

(Dan) #21

I think it’s actually possible to have the iPhone app on the iPad, it will just be scaled up.

I don’t have an iPad to hand, but I would try searching for the app on the App Store, and try changing the search criteria from iPad Only apps to iPhone too, it should appear.

(Joe Wood) #23

yes! of course… i forgot the app store filters for iPad only. I will try it later. Cheers. Do you know if android apps work in the same way? I am not an android user.

(Dan) #24

No problem :+1:t2:

Not entirely sure on the Android situation, I’m an iOS user too.

I’m sure somebody here will know though.

(Oliver Dunk) #25

Hey! I’ve done some Android development in the past and Google actually make things pretty flexible. By default, an app supports most up to date devices, but you can add additional filters if you want the app to only show up on those meeting certain conditions. There is also the option to make certain changes (e.g uploading screenshots from a tablet) to make your app show in certain “designed for tablet” sections.

From a development perspective, supporting tablets with an enlarged phone view is something most apps have out of the box. Google also provide the tools to change the layout on larger screens.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #26

I believe that, although Monzo app works on an iPad, it’s not actually supported by Monzo.

I think it’s also true that the Monzo app will not work on Android tablets.

@simonb knows for sure.

(Adam Robertson) #27

I know this isn’t a priority, but after Apple Pay this is now my most wished Monzo feature.

Would be very helpful, and make Monzo more accessible for those who need bigger screens etc

(MikeF) #28

Surely that’s what the scaled up iPhone app run on an iPad already provides?

(Adam Robertson) #29

I mean, it comes out pixelated and blurry for me, so no.

(Adam Robertson) #30

Also, I tried it today, and realised that it logs you out of your phone app whenever you log into the iPad.

Can’t be having that.


I say keep the focus on the mobile app. Pulling resources from teams to make compatible tablet apps willl just slow the progress imo.

It would get used only a fraction of what the mobile version does and allot of what Monzo does is beneficial when out and about.


why couldn’t it be one app with responsive design?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #33

It could, I suppose.

I don’t think (from memory) that Monzo wants there to be an iPad app, but Apple forces iOS apps to be available for iPad.

I look forward to being corrected on this.


What struck me when the iphone X came out was how many apps had been designed for the exact screen size of previous iphones.

The engineer in me is a tad disappointed - it seems short sighted and a bit lazy. Remember when web pages would resize your browser because they’d locked themselves into a certain resolution? It was appalling design.

It’s probably hard to do, but monzo have some pretty hot UI designers…


It’s still the same across the board of websites. Still I see massive borders with adverts to the left and right of the main content, either because the platform is based on a fixed width of 1024 or the content provided is stuck in the 90s.

iOS apps are just not built for scalability but more fixed to set boundaries. I think it comes down to the size of the assets and system performance. As the iOS environment is fixed, PNG assets can be used which are reliable as hardly any computational power is required. Once you use vector assets you can run into some limitations. That’s my understanding anyway.


the iPhone X is not short of compute power though - http://uk.businessinsider.com/a11-bionic-iphone-x-more-powerful-than-a-2017-macbook-pro-2017-9


True but you need to think about compatibility across devices from the iPhone 5, iPad Air and above, plus on the android side.

Every iteration of tech means the previous gen becomes 2-3x slower when software and applications start to utilize the additional bandwidth.

You would still need to cater the application to the older devices to ensure bugs and performance issues on individual devices are not present. A vector based OS would just not play well for the majority of mobile devices.

iPhone X was just a tech showcase and in Apple sales was a flop

(Paul Thomas ) #38

Would love to see Monzo bring there app to the iPad like most banks have these days x

(Dave Jay) #39

I would love to see a full size app for the iPad Pro as I use my iPad a lot and it would be great for a iPad app that fills the iPad screen fully and for functionality for the iPad Pro

(Steve) #40

There is only one banking app I have that does not fill my iPad screen, Monzo. Every other one either makes a cross device compatible app that sizes well and handles screen rotation for landscape or an iPad specific app.

If you write for iPhone you write apps that size correctly across the varying screen dimensions of the different iPhone models, to add iPad your just adding one more model, plus a flag or two to show ithe app works on both device types. Being specific, taking into account iPad Pro, there’s more than one model, but I’m only singling that out for the more pedantic readers.

There may be reasons not to share the same app, in that case you write an iPad specific variant, bringing most of your iPhone code over and changing whatever it is you need to based on your decision to have two apps.

Also, why the heck, even if I have to use the iPhone app on my iPad, can’t I log into both, instead of that ridiculous email check, every time, I swap device, no one else does that. If I genuinely authorise two devices…just accept that!

The same is true, in fact more so, for Android devices, because there are SO MANY screen sizes for Android, an Android app should size to any screen dimension as best it can. (A minimum size obviously, but that normally isn’t an issue)

So how about it?


I’d really like to see an iPad app :pray::pray::pray: