[iOS] Withdrawing from a pot containing less than £5

Issue: When trying to withdraw money from a pot containing less than £5, £5 is automatically in the input box after clicking withdraw and the amount in the pot is displayed as the absolute value of (amount in pot - £5).

Details to reproduce: Create pot containing less than £5 ==> click the withdraw button for this pot.

OS: iOS 12.0.1

Device: iPhone 6

App Version: 2.20.0

Screenshots and example:

Pot contains £0.89.


After “withdraw” is selected, this is shown:


  • £5 is shown in the input.
  • Amount shown being moved to the account is |£0.89 - £5| = |-£4.11| = £4.11.
  • Amount covered in red on the right is (amount in main account + £4.11).
  • If a value greater than £0.89 is typed into the input, it automatically changes to £0.89.
  • button does not work.

Desired Behaviour:

  • If the amount in the pot is less than £5, the amount shown in the input after clicking the withdraw button should be the total amount in the pot (ie: for the example above, £0.89 should be shown).