[Android/iOS] Negative balance not correctly displayed on pot withdrawal screen

Issue: When withdrawing from a pot when the account has a negative balance, the balance indicator on the display doesn’t show the negative sign.

Details to reproduce: Attempt to withdraw from a pot when the account is in a negative balance - the correct value will be displayed under the Monzo card image, but the negative sign will be missing.
OS: Android (P, API 28)
Device: N/A
App Version: 2.5.0

Screenshots: Didn’t screenshot this sorry, was busy paying for McDonalds at the time, and my card had already declined twice…


Good spot. Identical issue on iOS 11.4

Came here to report the same thing in the iOS flavoured app, got some images too. For clarity the first image should show a negative number and the other two are just to confirm by showing the number dropping then coming back up