Bug: wrong amount transferrred from pot

(Gavin Morrice) #1

Steps to recreate:

  • put some money in a pot (eg 55£)
  • try to withdraw more money than you have (eg 60£)
  • the app rounds the figure down to 55£, but when the transfer is made the amount transferred is much less than the number shown on screen

Bug: Pots transferring wrong amounts
Bug: Pots transferring wrong amounts
(Peter Roberts) #2

If you haven’t already it is probably a good idea to post a link to this topic in the in app chat :+1:

(Andy Little) #3

Are you on android or IOs? I can’t replicate it on android.

(Gavin Morrice) #4

I’m on the latest iOS version

Device is an iPhone SE

(Richard) #5

I can confirm this bug. I have £75 in a holiday pot. If I type in a manual amount (and scroll down to see the transfer details), entering any amount less than the pot amount decreases the pot value and increases the main account value correctly.

However, if I type in £80, the input box automatically corrects that to £75, but the remaining balance on the pot says £67, not £0 and the new balance for the main account has incresed by £8.

Picture attached showing I’ve manually typed in £80 and the amount field has self-corrected to £75

iPhone X running iOS 11.2.2 and Monzo App version 1.9.24 #362

(Kevyn) #6

Same occurs when adding to a pot.

(Simon) #7

This is a great :bug: it looks to me like it decides you must have meant £8.0 and just transfers that. :joy:

(Richard) #8

You’re right - there’s a pattern.

£75 pot, and you type in £80, £8 ends up being transferred. £100 typed and £10 gets transferred. £200 gets £20 transferred - so is a bug in the auto-correct logic. £350 typed results in £35 being transferred.

(Simon) #9

Exactly. I like bugs where you can literally see the code working even with zero programming knowledge. :nerd_face:

(Gavin Morrice) #10

Don’t the Monzo dev team monitor this forum?

(Richard) #11

I’m going to make a new post in the customer support section flagging this thread to report the bug.

(Simon) #12

I would guess they’re aware of it and will be fixed in the next release. Definitely report it though

(Peter Roberts) #13

Yes but it’s not the primary support channel. That would be the in app chat which will get you to a COp who can ensure this is properly reported :+1:

(Richard) #14

There is a bug in iOS on how pots handle the circumstance when you manually type in an amount to withdraw from a pot that exceeds the amount in that pot.

See this thread for details: Bug: wrong amount transferrred from pot

(Richard Cook) #15

@Tellytart I’ve moved your post here to keep things in one place. I’ll make sure the bug has been reported.


(system) #16

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