✅ [iOS] Something’s missing in feed

There’s a missing something. Must be a service statement as there’s a ‘x’ to clear it but I get this every day at the moment. Any clues how to fix? I’ve reinstalled app but that doesnt help.
**iOS 11.4.1
**iPhone 7

@kieranmch has flagged it up with the team. Not sure what it’s meant to be! :man_shrugging:

By any chance did you have a a DD go out recently? I have a feeling it’s to do with this (feel free to read): Upcoming Direct Debits now showing in Home Feed!

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I had the same problem after two DD got taken out so I suspect it is linked to to that @Jackcrwhitney


Oops! Sorry about this.

We’ve been working on showing your upcoming direct debits in your feed before they go out. We pushed this out early to some users by mistake.

We’ll be pushing a fix today or tomorrow.

“Move fast and break things”, as they say :smile:



Same issue here image

Thanks for the quick response

Sorry about this! I’ve just deployed a fix that should remove these. They were a placeholder for a new feature we’ll be shipping soon, but clearly they slipped out a little early. Sorry again! :sweat_smile:


Don’t delay the release too long as this will be great for budgeting etc.

Great feature. Can we get it to show Standing orders as well?

I really appreciated seeing some Moneybox DD’s showing up over the weekend as going out on Monday. I used to get the notification on a Friday that they were going out ‘tomorrow’ but of course they didn’t actually leave until Monday, but the feed item showed on Sunday.

We’ll be ready to release this fully very soon, just putting on some finishing touches


Can we get it to show Standing orders as well?

At some point, yes. For the moment we’re adding the smallest thing and we’ll iterate from there :smile: