✅ [iOS] App crashing when viewing direct debits

My app crashes each time I try and scroll through my direct debits.
The amounts and dates take a little bit to load then when I go to scroll down the just crashes I have to restart the app a few times then it will eventually work.
But then it just starts again

Hi @Shabbychic86 what version of the app are you using? And what device?

Probably the same issue as this one

Mine crashes sometimes but not too often. Maybe few times per week when scrolling DDs
iOS 12.3.1
iPhone X

iPhone and version 2.52.0

I searched and couldn’t see that one Thankyou for linking

I get this too, I’ve found normally the second time into the app and slowly scrolling stops it from crashing.

Hey everyone,

This should be resolved in the latest version of the app 2.53.0.

Please let me know if you’re continuing to have problems :raised_hands: