✅ [iOS] Settings Screen Problems

Often when I press the settings link at the top of the account screen nothing happens aside from a flicker. Then if I wait and press is again it might go to settings but often just flickers. When it eventually opens the settings screen I find that it opens multiple versions of settings screen. So for example if I had to do that 4 times i have to push the back button 4 times to get out of the settings screen.

I am running iOS 12 beta but this was happening in iOS 11 and it’s been happening on all the beta’s so far.

Steps to reproduce: Open App > press account > press Settings
OS Version: 12 [latest beta]
Model: 256GB iPhone X on EE
App version: 2.13.0 #450

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Could you let me know if this is still the case on 2.14.0? :pray:

I think it may be fixed as part of the general performance improvements


not a problem

I’ll let you know.

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