Little UI glitch

(Sean) #1

Is anyone else having UI issues on the new accounts screen?

I have and iPhone 5S

The page scrolls through the status bar at the top.

(Jolin) #2

If you can get a screenshot and report it to in-app support, that would be best in terms of the bug being passed on to the development team. I can’t remember whether I had that issue last time I set up a new payee, will have to keep an eye out for it (I’m also on a 5s).


They need to grab a 5s and test it properly. There are issues with text overlapping and out of alignment right from the first upgrade screen, really not very professional. But I guess the 5s is pretty legacy so not the #1 priority.

(Caspar) #4

iPhone SE is the same screen size isn’t it? It’s still part of the current lineup.

(Jolin) #5

Correct, and I see lots of people with this size (whether 5s or SE), so I think it needs to be properly supported. Agree with rarther that there are various visual glitches which should be sorted out.

(Sean) #6

It wouldn’t be a size issue I would have suspected. I only put 5S just for clarity. Still on iOS 11.

I think its that they have made the status bar transparent instead of white which means the screen pushes through the text. I’ll send a screen shot in to Cops.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #7

I have an iPhone 6 with the same glitch

(Sean) #8

yeah, Apple are pretty consistent when is come to scaling UI. Think the iPhone X would be the exception at the moment.

Thanks for clarifying though :slight_smile:


The UI on the iPhone 6 is slightly off centre as well as the transparent top menu bar.

Remember those of us with smaller screens!
(Sean) #10

Yeah does this on the 5S too. Once you swipe across then go back it centres itself.

Strange little glitch :slight_smile: