Searching Help for settings doesn't bring up any obvious way of getting to settings

Issue: Searching Help for settings doesn’t bring up any obvious way of getting to settings. While tapping 'Change notification settings take me to a page where I can get to settings, I would expect the top answer to be ‘Settings’ but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the list.

Details to reproduce: Search Help for settings
OS: iOS 14.4.2
**Device:**iPhone X
**App Version:**3.75.0


that’s weird I get a different list to you , iOS , 3.75.0

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I get similar on Android:

Tapping on the first search return gets me to a display which has an obvious ‘GO TO SETTINGS’ button. I agree with this - it should be easier to get to settings through help with a better clarified search return.

Do you have the ‘Contact us’ button, or do you have to search for it?

I have the “chat with us” button at the bottom of the search

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That’s my point. If there is a dedicated Settings are of the app, then it should be the top result when searching for it by name. But it’s not even listed.

My list is completely different to all the screenshots here, they must have a algorithm that determines what help articles each person will most likely need

Possibly. Strange that no one is allowed to go straight to settings after searching for it, though.

“I see you searched for settings. Here’s how to turn off round ups.” It isn’t what I’d call help. I don’t have them turned on, so why would I want to know how to turn them off? If it’s an algorithm behind this, I hope the fraud detection one is better :joy:


I get hiding pots, 2fa, report a bug and privacy policy when I search for settings