Current account signup process

Just noticed a couple of issues going though the current account signup process on an iPhone X (with App Store build 1.9.18). Minor things though, generally a very smooth easy process :slightly_smiling_face:

The first - likely iPhone X specific - when entering a pin the keyboard was mostly obscuring the value I was entering.

The second - it wasn’t clear to me that anything was changing after pressing continue on the intro text screen. I initially thought it was stuck in a loop so restarted the app. It was only after I hammered the button and eventually got to a new screen that I went back to check more carefully and saw that the text was changing slightly. May have been my impatience not paying enough attention, but I doubt I’d be the only one :wink:

Another iPhone X issue - the screen you see after signup is all white at the top meaning you can’t see the buttons.


Not just on iPhone X for the second (I have an iPhone 6), I’ve get no buttons or back or anything on the “your card is on your way screen”, and when force closing the app, going back in I get the normal timline app, but going to the “finish setting up your current account” strip at the bottom I get a white bar at the top of the next page and no way to go back to the main app agian.

Seems a very obvious bug/oversight all things considering, how much this process must have been tested.

Yup, same on iPhone SE, very small screen with a big white block at the top, no buttons to go back so I have to restart the app.