New interface has personal account issue

The whole screen is grayed out on startup I have to scroll to the right to my joint account for the display to be normal- I am on latest iOS

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Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

No will try that!

Just reinstalled- seems fine now - thanks for advice but I bet I’m not the only one!

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Rats for some reason it’s gone back to being grayed out - never had this problem with the old interface- and I could see that I had an personal overdraft and that’s hidden now…

My wife says please leave her on the old interface!

Yes, I get this all the time, but I’m in the beta channel…

It takes me a while faffing with swipes now just to switch accounts! Yikes

Also noticed that after reinstall I had to reset my flags for Touch ID security which was a big surprise…

Mine has also been like this for ages (I’ve been using it in labs) but I have been too lazy to file a proper bug report :see_no_evil: I guess I’m not a very suitable lab rat! :grimacing:

Also, when I navigate to a pot, the “add, withdraw, edit” buttons are greyed out but still work.

I think I’ve solved the display issue, my screen settings where bold and zoomed - by returning to default the problem has gone away!

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Mine is the same, have to scroll side to side to get all my transactions to appear. I’m using the testpilot version so I’m expecting bugs