[iOS] Search function crashes app!

Issue: Search function crashes when you type and press space

Details to reproduce: Go to search function and type in details the app just crashes.

OS: iOS 12.4
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
App Version: 2.59.0

Screenshots: Can’t get a screenshot as the app crashes when I try to reproduce this issue.


Thanks for reporting, we’re currently investigating this, I’ll let you know once we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.


No problem @craigj thanks for getting back to me about this.

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I’m seeing this on 2.65.0 (563) using iOS 12.4.1 (iPhone 7).

It happens when I press space, or if I press the Search button on the keyboard.

I found that it was possible to do a blank search and then doing my intended search worked (ie. not typing anything, press Search, then edit the search field again for what I intended to search for, press Search, works as expected).


Hey Craig, is there any progress on this issue? I’ve been having it for months across several Monzo versions. Not sure why I didn’t think to check/report it on the forum before. Thanks!

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Still an issue for me currently as well I’m on the latest TF version too also happened when I wasn’t on TF.


Unfortunately we don’t have a fix yet, we’ve done some investigation and have found the root cause, but the fix itself has proven to be a bit more complicated. :pensive:
I’ll let you know when there’s any updates.

The app shouldn’t crash if you wait a second or so before hitting search


Thanks so much for the update. And good to know there’s a workaround! That works with the space issue as well – if I type a word, wait a few seconds, then type a space, the app doesn’t crash. This makes it a lot more manageable until the bug is fixed. :tada:

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Appreciated for the update on this issue that’s what I’ve been doing when the other option doesn’t work I’ll keep doing that for now until we get a further update and hopefully a fix good that you’re keeping us informed on this issue though ^_^.

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I forgot to say, that instead of tapping Search, you can also drag to scroll the results list (even if it can’t scroll), and the keyboard will disappear.

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Sadly the workaround doesn’t work for me. Thanks for the update. Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon because this is an important feature that might be putting people off Monzo who don’t check the forums.

Still happening for me if I press ‘Space’ or ‘Search’ immediately after typing in search bar. If I wait a couple of seconds before pressing ‘Space’ or ‘Search’ then it doesn’t crash and actually seems to fix it for the remainder of that session (i.e. until I close Monzo and reopen it again). It won’t crash again even if pressing ‘Space’ or ‘Search’ immediately.

iPhone 7
iOS 13.2
Monzo app: Latest at time of writing. Don’t know how to find it.

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It’s an ongoing bug but the team are looking into the cause of it and how to fix it so all the feedback we send is helping.

Same for me too.

:apple: iOS 13.2
iPhone X
Monzo 3.5.1

Same here.

Also getting this issue on an iphone 11 pro with the latest OS

The search function is still quite glitchy for me. Whilst it doesn’t crash the app it’s really laggy - like there’s usually a 3-4 second delay between me typing and it registering anything - and then another few seconds for it to filter the results.

This is on app version 3.29.0 and iOS 13.3.1 on a 6S Plus.

Hi there

My app keeps crashing too similar to this when I try and search anything, I can type one letter then it freezes then usually crashes