[iOS] App Crashes on search when data connection poor

When searching with a slow connection my app will reliably crash. I work in a tall building (near the bottom) and have bad reception (4G with one bar) if I type too fast in the search box the app will crash but generally it crashes eventually when scrolling through search results or whilst typing to refine my search.

Whilst my connection is bad and I don’t expect Monzo to work miracles the connection is good enough for other apps to work, albeit slowly and it was good enough for me to reinstall the monzo app to make sure that didn’t fix the problem.

Details to reproduce: Search for a merchant whilst experiencing poor network connection
OS: 13.3
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: 3.15.0


I get exactly the same issue (eve with a strong signal) - I thought it was just me but reading this makes me worry that something is wrong (yes I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling)

Anyone else having the same issue ?

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