Search fixed?

Feel like last TestFlight didn’t fix it so don’t know if this is backend.

But I can search again without it crashing for the first time in months?? Amazing.


Still crashes for me if I type quickly (iOS Monzo 3.19 - App Store release yesterday).

Same for me if you type quickly

Hmmm. I’m on TestFlight 3.19.

Maybe it’s a character thing? I can get to 5 or 6, but then 7 seems to crash

Out of interest wait 5 secs before typing character that causes crash to see what happens?

Yeah, for as long as the crashing’s been happening that’s always worked for me. Can type as much as I want if I wait in between each character for it to stabilise

Search on mine is really laggy. I’m on beta keep think there be a fix but it still really slow


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