Search causing app to hang, or crash entirely

Issue: pretty much the title. Searching, whether via search icon and bar, or clicking a tag on a transaction, causes the app to hang, and either takes 10 seconds or so to load, or just crashes entirely.

Details to reproduce: search anything, word or tag, in search bar; or click a tag on a transaction
OS: iOS 13.1.3
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: TestFlight 3.10.0

Screenshots: n/a

Try restarting the phone and/or reinstalling the app?

Have done both. Still very present


Still present on TestFlight 3.11.

Hey @Alexferrigno

Thanks for the report, we’ve been aware of this for a while now :cry:
Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than we anticipated and haven’t been able to nail down a fix yet.

I’ll keep you updated on when we’ll have a fix in place.



Good to know you’re on it!

Hope you work it out soon :crossed_fingers:

My Monzo app just freezes then crashes upon pressing the app to open, been like this nearly 3 weeks now.
I have tried the things mentioned above ie; reinstall, turning phone on/off even updating the app when available, all do nothing.

Extremely infuriating not being able too see balances etc, especially as I was working in Europe at the time.

Not what I expect of a internet based bank.

What phone do you have and what os is it running?

It’s an iPhone 6s and running iOS 13.2.3 the latest one.

I think youd be best calling the number on the back of your card since youve already tried all the steps above

You didnt reinstall it from a cloud backup?

Thanks for the advice, I don’t think I did back it up from I cloud but am not sure it had the cloud logo in the App Store

Is the Sound on (not silent/vibrate/do-not-disturb)?
Do you have access to the internet (WiFi/mobile data)?
Does your camera work OK?

Camera is fine, as is the wifi and phone date (tried both)
The phone is always on silent, vibrate etc off but don’t see what difference that would make as it was working fine, I updated to the latest iOS and it stopped working a few apps have.

I thought the latest app update would fix things but sadly it hasn’t.

Can you try the same without the phone on silent?

It sounds weird, but it has ‘fixed’ other issues in the past…

Hey David, how much free space is there on your device?

There is 4.5 gb, ordered a iphone 11 64gb to try n fix this as it’s happening to a few other apps when I update them.