Using Help Search Causes Phone to Crash

Is it just on my phone or does the app crash everytime I try to use the new automated help tool on someone else phone as well?

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Hi Tink, thanks for the bug report – we really appreciate them :slight_smile:

Could you tell me a bit more about your setup to help us reproduce the problem here?

For instance what model of iPhone and iOS version you’re on, what search query you’re typing, and whether you have anything unusual with your device (like a non-standard keyboard or a jailbroken device)?

Thanks very much :bug:


Hi James, my phone is an iphone 7Plus running iOS 10.3.2.
The first time I typed “how do” and the app crashed the second “i’d like to send” and the app crashed. I am using a third-party keyboard named Swipe, but I thought it might be that so for the second search I used my apple keyboard (in an azerty format though).
I turned off my phone and tried again and ran in the same problem.
Does this help?


That’s fab, thanks so much. Will experiment here, and keep an eye on automated crash reports :+1:


Also Alexs, thanks for redirecting my post to the correct location, I am definitely not forum savvy🙊
Next time what should I do? Create a new post? Thanks again :slight_smile:


That’s no problem, you’re not expected to be :slight_smile:

Yes please, once you’ve checked that a dedicated topic for the bug doesn’t exist already, just go ahead & create a new one :raised_hands: