✅ [iOS] Plus bundles page

Just updated my to 2.63.0 on iOS, and opened the plus page on my profile to check out the 3 new bundles. However it only shows me the traveller bundle with no means to swipe between bundles, or actually go back to my profile page. Have to force close the app!

I’m having the same issue.

Same for me

It’s probably part of the design. To return back to your profile you must sign up… :joy:

Same here - not sure how this even got released in this state.

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The missing back button is a bug. We’re really sorry about this! This has been fixed for the next release.

We’re doing some testing on Monzo Plus this week, to make sure the sign-up process is as simple as possible. So some people might see a slightly different version of the flow. We’re currently investigating how many people this bug will impact.


Same here. When I go through the sign-up of the Traveller Bundle will I be able to sign up the the other bundles as well?

Looks like A/B testing to me, so not a bug, but a result of a trial? @simonb

I wouldn’t think that they would force people to sign up to the Traveller Bundle. I checked and there is no option to skip to another package.

Not yet, this should be available from next week’s release though.

Just yesterday I was able to sign up to all 3 bundles, but I decided to take the support one first? So how come this has changed, my subscription was cancelled based on the fact I could sign-up to all 3 instead.

I’m on ios latest testflight, gives me the choice to select a bundle?

So only having this one bundle available right now is intended? Why would that be the case?

The differences in what you’re seeing is because of the different tests which are running this week:

You’ll be able to subscribe to additional bundles soon; it should be rolling out with next week’s release :blush:

So my A/B testing guess was right then :slight_smile:

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We decided to end this test, so this bug shouldn’t affect any more users. Everyone should be able to sign up to any of the three bundles. :slight_smile:


I’m on holiday abroad right now so it did cross my mind if this travel bundle was being highlighted to me.

:white_check_mark: I’m going to close this since the bug is fixed. If you want to talk about our testing, feel free to continue the conversation in the other thread :slight_smile: