Making Monzo Plus signup simpler

Hi everyone. We’re back today with an update on some testing we’re doing on Monzo Plus this week.

We’re continuing to tweak parts of the sign-up process to make sure it’s as simple as possible. One experiment (seen below) is testing taking you straight to sign-up after picking a bundle, vs. returning you to the bundle select screen to add another.

We’re testing a few tweaks like this over the week, so that’s why you might have a different sign-up flow to other people. We’re also testing including Monzo Plus during the original sign-up flow.


First of all - thanks for the update, would be nice going forward from the previous fiasco with Plus on the other threads along the lines of updates and so fair the team has done better - again thank you.

I personally like the top option because it means that people can quickly tap and add other bundles to the basket easily instead of having to go “back” to begin the flow again.
From a flow perspective I’d imagine this would encourage people to look at other bundles more even if it didn’t pop into their minds that its the right bundle for them in the first place - so for you guys at Monzo its like a second chance for customers to select another bundle etc.
So it would be interesting for you guys to see the metrics of “completed purchases” with these two different flows.

Cannot wait to upgrade my current early bird Plus offering to the whole package - because it’s actually a useful for myself.

Keep it up :ok_hand:t2:

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Adding it to the account creation makes sense :+1: Although will be interesting to see how many people would jump in straight away.


I agree that the top route seems cleaner - I like the visual that a specific bundle has been added.

I feel like it would be more clunky to go back through this flow to add more, for the sake of one screen.

On a side note - interesting new additions to the Traveller package - any more info there?


They said at the event last night that the car options are potentials for the future :smiley: [no timeline as of yet obviously]

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The batched route needs a running total, clicking “View Basket” might become cumbersome. Would be interesting to see if you can group some of the “Before you Pay” items.

In the singular route you can probably skip ‘Add to Basket’ and go straight to checkout.

Hi, I am a Monzo Plus customer with the Supporter bundle but I now want to go back in today and add the Traveller bundle on top of that but I cannot see a way to do it. I click on manage Monzo Plus in the app and I would have thought I could have added this bundle on top of my Plus subscription, but I only see my existing Supporter bundle. Is there any way to do this?

You can contact support. They will cancel your plan, refund you and ask you to sign-up again. They also mentioned that they are working on an option to add packages.

One risk you have to take into account is that it seems like they have an issue with only showing the Traveler Bundle. I got refunded as I wanted to take all 3 packages but I only see the Traveler package now :frowning:

Thanks for that :+1:

These are very early designs from a few months ago—I wouldn’t read anything into them! :smile:


We’re working on letting you subscribe to additional bundles after you’ve, um, already subscribed to a bundle. There will be an “Add Bundle” button in the “Manage Monzo Plus” screen:

This should be in the app store at the beginning of next week. :blush:

This is discussed further over here—we’re investigating!


It’s complicated change it back :joy:

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I went through the current signup and found it quite straight forward. Only feedback, which happens after signup:

  • I have received a welcome email for every Monzo Plus Bundle (effectively the same email 3 times) :disappointed: I think one email welcoming me to Monzo Plus is enough.
  • I have been charged 3 different transactions, one per bundle. I think combining those 3 payments into one transaction would be much nicer :slight_smile:

Assume it was easier to develop it that was as they are especially 3 different products.

It would be difficult if you added a new bundle midway through the cycle. Are you charged pro rota or should it be treated as a separate item. Especially when it comes to the end term dates.

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This is pretty much right :slight_smile: If you combine the bundles into a single monthly payment, it’s awkward both when you add a new bundle part-way through the month, and when you request a refund for one of the bundles during the 14-day cooling-off period. We decided that having a separate monthly payment for each bundle was an acceptable tradeoff.


I do that that work too… less dependency on each other.

I love the option to plant a tree.


:tanabata_tree: :palm_tree: :christmas_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

I think the secind option would be best (for me anyway).

I think it would make users more curious about looking into the other bundles and seeing if they are of intrest to them, ultimately making it easier for them to sign up to more.
If they don’t want an additional bundle their basket is only a quick click away.