Error message when I touch ‘Get Monzo Plus’

Trying to see what Monzo Plus is all about but when I touch the ‘Get Monzo Plus’ blue tab I am faced with this screen. Anyone have any ideas?

I have tried reinstalling the app and I have the latest iOS software.

Are you using the testflight version?

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Yeah I get the same thing I messaged them and they told me that they cannot offer me Monzo Plus at this time and could t give any reason why even tho I got the email offering me it

No I don’t believe so.

Oh that could be it then. I’ve sent a message to support and the matter has been passed to a specialist. Will wait and see. Thanks for the reply!

Let us know how you get on with our team over chat :+1:

Yeah they have done same to me as their is nothing mentioned at all regarding eligibility in terms and conditions or in the email sent

Just been told again they cannot offer me the plus and their is no information regarding this again I mentioned their is nothing in terms and conditions at all. Really frustrating now they have raised it again to another department I think the main complaints one

Terms and Conditions normally cover the use of a product, not the eligibility criteria for buying it (agreed, T&Cs associated with some ‘special offer’ type things can do) so having nothing relevant in there doesn’t really matter a great deal in this context.


Could be right about the T&C’s however in the image it Just says this regarding getting Plus, so surly if their was a criteria of some sort it would be mentioned? As with any product offered their is some criteria and their is nothing except what’s in this

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I received a response from customer support and they basically said ‘we can’t offer you an account’. No reason as to why.

Must say it’s all misleading. I can see I’m not the only one to experience this. Why mention the upgrade is ‘available to all Monzo account holders’ when in fact it’s not.

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Yeah this is my exact issue as well, no one seems to know what is going on and their is no details regarding this…

Not going to lie am really annoyed.


You don’t live in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man by any chance? Bit of a long shot, I know.

No I’m in London.

I’d make the distinction that just because no-one is saying what’s going on doesn’t mean that no-one knows (on Monzo’s end at least). It’s up to them how much they choose to communicate I guess.

The latest is am getting is they can’t offer me one at this time…

No reasons given. Even the complaints department had no answers however admitted they was wrong in sending the email as it was mis leading

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Thanks for the update. It would be nice if they were just open and honest. That’s all you ask really.

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