Monzo Plus Signup does not load correctly - iOS14

When in iOS 14, the signup flow does not return to the signup page once you click on the web link, instead it takes you to the app store page even if you already have the app

Details to reproduce:

  1. Install Monzo on iOS 14 Dev Beta 2
  2. Click signup for Monzo Plus from the email
  3. Even though the app is installed, the weblink will skip this and revert you back to the app store page
  4. Click Back to Monzo and it will return you to the app landing page, not the signup page.

If you do this multiple times, eventually the sign up page will load

iOS 14 Dev Beta 2
iPhone 11 Pro
App Version:
Latest App on App Store (Not Testflight)


How do you know the problem isn’t in the BETA version of the phone software you’re using ?
Why do you trust non-production firmware with your banking apps ?

Most banks prevent their apps from running on beta firmware - I’m a little surprised that Monzo allow it at all.

All banks I’ve seen allow iOS 14 - it is developed, signed and released by Apple so there should be no concerns there. It is frankly silly that some apps stubbornly block official Apple firmware pre-release. The phone is just as secure and it could help discover bugs

Re the issue on iOS 14, I managed to sign up without issues

Responses above :slight_smile:

I think this is because I had the testflight version installed originally - even though I replaced it, it didn’t move to the login screen until a few attempts


beta firmware is released without warranty, and could easily contain security issues that you don’t become aware of until it’s too late. Apple will have zero liability if you use non-production software on your a device that you subsequently lose data, or worse, money from. I assume you didn’t read the small-print when you installed the beta ? :wink:

Just because public betas are available, it doesn’t mean that they’re totally safe to use… the companies are just saving money from very expensive testing !

It’s all Microsoft’s fault - they started using the general public as guinea pigs to perform their system and user acceptance testing a few years ago, and Apple (and Google) have followed suit. Even candidate releases have problems (which is why you tend to get several updates from Apple in the first couple of weeks).

Barclays won’t support iOS 14 until the official release date, for exactly this reason. I wouldn’t dream of exposing my banking (or any other sensitive) apps to a beta version of software. In the unlikely (but possible) event of something happening Apple will blame the user.


They updated the app to work with the beta last week fyi so they do allow, they even sent a text apologising that it didnt work


Hi There,

I do get how Beta’s work and the implication of non production firmware, I have the Dev Beta installed( I work as a project manager but also develop iOS apps) so I understand the risks.

I’m ok with running apps, personally, as the authentication is done within Monzo, however I can understand why some may not want/should not take this risk :slight_smile:

Regarding public beta’s - yes I dont think some are fully understanding of the risks, but I think it’s clear that the risks are on them :slight_smile: