iOS - Monzo - Account - Menu Bugged

After hitting the “Account” button on the main screen,

Underneath where the image of your card is where you have the 4 buttons “Account”, “PIN & card number”, “Freeze”, “Add money”,

The menu screen within “Account” is extremely slow while scrolling as if its lagged and stutters.

Details to reproduce:
Hitting “Account” button under Card screen then scrolling within the menu


11 Pro Max

App Version:
3.41.1 #653


Also getting this on the latest test flight, same phone, but running iOS 14

Same issue here

Same problem here. iPhone XR, App Store release

Woah, same here.

iPhone X / iOS 13.5.1 / v3.41.1 #653

Bonus :bug::

From the Account / Manage Your Account screen, when I swipe left-to-right to return to my main transaction feed, I get some mega-glitching during the animation in the top right corner:

Same here.

iOS 13.6
iPhone 11
Version 3.41.1 #653

It seems that with the latest update 3.42.0 #655 the scrolling stutter/lagging has been fixed or at least for me it has.

Although the glitching in the top right hand corner remains as @richycran has mentioned