[iOS] Account View page extremely laggy

Accessing my current account information in the app is slow and VERY laggy.

Details to reproduce:
From closed, open the Monzo app, with the screen showing your main current account card, tap the Account icon. The icon will remain highlighted for approx. 1-2 seconds before the account page opens faded white with a loading spinner, which takes a further few seconds to clear.
Try scrolling the view up and down, the response is extremely laggy and does not clear until the account view page is closed, after which the app returns to normal responsiveness.

iOS 13.6
Apple iPhone XS Max

App Version:
3.41.1 #653

Cannot screenshot lag and not showing account info, so N/A.

I also saw this today, and can reproduce with the steps above.

iPhone XS on iOS 14 Beta 2, Monzo is latest public release.

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Update: this is significantly improved on today’s release (3.42), but still a little laggy when scrolling the view.

Can confirm - the account view page is much more improved in performance and responsiveness, to the point that I’d call it resolved in my case.