[iOS] Last Monzo Chat message sent not showing timestamp


  • The last message sent on Monzo chat does not have a timestamp for when the message was sent. It just says “sent” where the timestamp should be (see screenshot 1)

  • If another message is sent, the timestamp for the previously sent message appears (see screenshot 2). The same is also the case if the emoji customer satisfaction survey appears.

  • If a COp replies, a timestamp appears on the users previous message and on the COps last message.

Details to reproduce: Send a message on Monzo chat.

OS: iOS 12.1

Device: iPhone 6s

App Version: 2.25.0


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Desired behaviour

  • When user sends a message on Monzo chat, once the message has been sent, it should say something like “Sent, timestamp”.

I’ve noticed the same! :disappointed: