[iOS] Monzo Chat message not preloading despite notification

When a Monzo Chat message is received, you get a notification containing the message (just like any other app). However, if you open the app and go to view the message (or click on the notification which opens the app and the shows the message), the message isn’t preloaded (like most messaging apps).

The message takes ages to load which isn’t a great UX.

Details to reproduce: Send message to Monzo Chat ==> wait for response ==> once response is received, go to Monzo Chat ==> message not preloaded.
OS: iOS 12.1.2
App Version: 2.29.0

Is there any reason why the message can’t be loaded in Monzo Chat when the text comes through for the notification?

NB: I’ve also noticed there isn’t a Monzo Chat feedback thread - maybe one should get made?

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I get this all the time. Sometimes it seems it will never load. I’ve backgrounded the app and force closed it a couple of times to see the incoming message. Definitely a bug here. Same versions as you.

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I’ve had the same, been stuck on this screen before after clicking the notification: