[iOS] Investec pot bug - wrong withdrawal numbers/total - duplication

Just want to say first that this is not the “massive delay updating pots” issue that there has been much discussion about.

Basically, immediately after I make a withdrawal from my Investec savings pot, It adds that withdrawal to the number of withdrawals from the pot, and the total amount withdrawn from the pot. You see this in the “Withdrawals” section in the pot details.

When the money actually hits your account the following day, it then counts another withdrawal, and the total amount withdrawn jumps up by the same value again.

Effectively it’s just duplicating each withdrawal, counting it once immediately you do it, and again when it reaches your main balance.

It doesn’t affect the main pot balance.

I have withdrawn from my Investec pot 3 times, but it shows 6 withdrawals and double the total value.

**Details to reproduce: check withdrawal section on Investec pot detail, withdraw money and check it again, then check again following day after withdrawal has hit your main balance.
**OS: iOS 12.2
**Device: iPhone X
**App Version: 2.42.0

image image

Hey @awjdean I see you edited my title on this topic to change [iOS?] to [iOS].
Do you have android and know this not to be a bug on the Android app?
Would be good to know if it’s just iOS, or Android too, which is why I added the question mark.

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Usually the title is left with a prefix of either [iOS] or [Android] until someone says they’re getting the same issue on the other OS. After this has happened the prefix gets updated to [Android/iOS].

I see. I’ve removed the iOS reference completely then, as without the question mark it makes the post look like a confirmed iOS only bug, which has not yet been confirmed.

I just reported an issue that when I went to withdraw funds from an Investec pot the balance available on the withdrawal screen was lower than the proper balance on the Investec pot. At first I thought it was some sort of penalty, but am assured that there are no penalties for withdrawal.
Just waiting for confirmation that I will get the full balance returned to Monzo if I close the Investec pot!

Just realised that the balance when you click withdraw, is the new balance if you were to accept the default withdrawal of £50. Change the withdrawal with + or - and the Investec balance changes - obvious really :man_facepalming: :grimacing: