[iOS] Pots Bug

Hi All,

Noticed a bug through the steps below:

-> Set up an IFTT workflow that would move money from a pot to my main balance at a set time.
-> Money moved from Pot when the workflow triggered.
-> Money displayed as a duplicate value; hand £300 in the main balance and still £300 in the pot.

It only displayed the value and I didn’t actually double the money but thought best to make you aware.

Worth noting I switched Monzo Labs on for the new Barclay card and I believe a new account section was thrown in with that - so that might be a reason?

I am using joint account no IFTT

This morning all scheduled pot tranfers from and to main account duplicated, also the roundup feature takes lonager to update since enabling the Monzo labs for seeing Credits cards.

Go to settings > Monzo > Reset Session

this will get you to re-enter email address to sign back in updted then.

Also the new account tab is not finished so probs just a bug until finalised

I am on latest Testflight version and iPhone XR