✅ [Android/iOS] Round Up keeps turning off when a pot is edited

(Adam) #1

I’ve had round ups working fine in the past, but they’ve stopped.

Whenever I go into settings for the allocated pot, roundups have been switched off automatically when it was in before. I switch them back on, save the changes.

Then when purchases are made there’s no round up.

I go back into the pot settings and roundups have automatically been switched off (not by me).

OS: Android
Device: LG G6
App Version: 2.27.0 (beta tester)

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(Sean) #2

Interesting, not happened to me:

OS: Android 8.1
Device: OP5
App Version: 2.27.0

Think we might need some other android users to lend their experience to see if it’s phone/manufacturer specific.

(Andy Hughes) #3

What sort of troubleshooting have you tried already?


Happened to me 2-3 times the last week too - and I’m on iOS (2.26.0#489)
The pot round up setting just disabled itself, and needed switching back on again - I’ve had it switched on a single pot since it was first released.
Its been ok since Thursday lunchtime but it’s definitely been misbehaving this week.
I just assumed (hoped?) things were being updated somewhere for joint pots and the other new stuff coming that turned it off by mistake :slight_smile:

(James) #5

Yeah I mentioned this in the DevSlack, seen it on iOS (iPhone XS iOS 12.1.1) TF 2.27.0 (491)

(Adam) #6

What like? I’ve just switched it back on and observed.

(Charlie) #7

I’m on same version and iOS as you and had this too. It was turned off but I just turned it back on and it’s working again.

(Andy Hughes) #8

You could try clearing data/cache and/or uninstalling and reinstalling :+1:

(Adam) #9

I’ll do that now.

(Andy Hughes) #10

Let us know how you get on :+1: Sounds silly but quite often the simple fixes are the best ones :blush:

(Rika Raybould) #11

Question that will help with debugging this:

Did you originally manually toggle this option on or do you have a round-up pot from back when the way to do it was to name your pot Coin Jar?

With some recent changes to support Joint Pots rolled out to production, I suspect the team might have removed/broken the original method. :thinking:

In any case, toggling it off and on should fix it from what we’ve seen.


I haven’t had this problem, but I’m still using the original “name the pot” method.

(Adam) #13

It was one I’d toggled on myself as I’m a new Monzo customer!

The cache clearing and reinstall seems to have worked a treat.

(Andy Hughes) #14

Glad you got it sorted :+1::grin:

(Behzad) #15

Well now my balance is above 10P and you can see some times it works sometimes it doesn’t:)

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(Charlie) #16

I used the toggle method when making the pot, not the “name the pot” method :slight_smile:


Mine looks like it toggled itself off on the 4/5th December. Can’t remember if it was an old Coin Jar or not sadly.

(Adam) #18

Aaaand, I’ve woken up this morning and it’s toggled itself back.

Payments yesterday rounded up fine. A payment that went through this morning hadn’t and I checked the pot settings and it’s switched itself off.


It’s still a bit flaky here too. The setting is still showing as on, but it’s stopped actually rounding up over the last day or so (and the balance is way over the £10 minimum)
I do now have it active on both personal and joint account pots, and it is working on joint - but personal account hasn’t rounded up since yesterday morning


Add me to the list of people whose roundups have turned themselves off.

I should add this is a personal account, I don’t have a joint account - and it’s definitely not a pot that was originally created as a “coin jar” named pot.