✅ [Android/iOS] Round Up keeps turning off when a pot is edited

I’ve had round ups working fine in the past, but they’ve stopped.

Whenever I go into settings for the allocated pot, roundups have been switched off automatically when it was in before. I switch them back on, save the changes.

Then when purchases are made there’s no round up.

I go back into the pot settings and roundups have automatically been switched off (not by me).

OS: Android
Device: LG G6
App Version: 2.27.0 (beta tester)

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Interesting, not happened to me:

OS: Android 8.1
Device: OP5
App Version: 2.27.0

Think we might need some other android users to lend their experience to see if it’s phone/manufacturer specific.

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What sort of troubleshooting have you tried already?

Happened to me 2-3 times the last week too - and I’m on iOS (2.26.0#489)
The pot round up setting just disabled itself, and needed switching back on again - I’ve had it switched on a single pot since it was first released.
Its been ok since Thursday lunchtime but it’s definitely been misbehaving this week.
I just assumed (hoped?) things were being updated somewhere for joint pots and the other new stuff coming that turned it off by mistake :slight_smile:

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Yeah I mentioned this in the DevSlack, seen it on iOS (iPhone XS iOS 12.1.1) TF 2.27.0 (491)

What like? I’ve just switched it back on and observed.

I’m on same version and iOS as you and had this too. It was turned off but I just turned it back on and it’s working again.

You could try clearing data/cache and/or uninstalling and reinstalling :+1:

I’ll do that now.

Let us know how you get on :+1: Sounds silly but quite often the simple fixes are the best ones :blush:

Question that will help with debugging this:

Did you originally manually toggle this option on or do you have a round-up pot from back when the way to do it was to name your pot Coin Jar?

With some recent changes to support Joint Pots rolled out to production, I suspect the team might have removed/broken the original method. :thinking:

In any case, toggling it off and on should fix it from what we’ve seen.

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I haven’t had this problem, but I’m still using the original “name the pot” method.

It was one I’d toggled on myself as I’m a new Monzo customer!

The cache clearing and reinstall seems to have worked a treat.



Glad you got it sorted :+1::grin:

Well now my balance is above 10P and you can see some times it works sometimes it doesn’t:)20181209_131301

I used the toggle method when making the pot, not the “name the pot” method :slight_smile:

Mine looks like it toggled itself off on the 4/5th December. Can’t remember if it was an old Coin Jar or not sadly.

Aaaand, I’ve woken up this morning and it’s toggled itself back.

Payments yesterday rounded up fine. A payment that went through this morning hadn’t and I checked the pot settings and it’s switched itself off.


It’s still a bit flaky here too. The setting is still showing as on, but it’s stopped actually rounding up over the last day or so (and the balance is way over the £10 minimum)
I do now have it active on both personal and joint account pots, and it is working on joint - but personal account hasn’t rounded up since yesterday morning

Add me to the list of people whose roundups have turned themselves off.

I should add this is a personal account, I don’t have a joint account - and it’s definitely not a pot that was originally created as a “coin jar” named pot.